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A New Year, A New Perspective, A New Decade, A New Opportunity

In Uncategorized on December 31, 2009 at 2:34 pm

Surprise surprise we have come across a new year yet again. It seems to be an annual event that has happened since the dawn of time. Yes I know I am being incredibly sarcastic and a little goofy as I state these obvious things. But, I do have a purpose to all of this ridiculous rhetoric.

There is something undeniably appealing about a restart button. Regardless if you have resolved to have absolutely no resolutions this year because year after year you feel that it is a bull shit ritual where people kid themselves about what they are going to do this upcoming year to lose weight, make more money, resolve unresolved issues, etc, etc, etc….

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum you could view this annual ritual as an extreme motivator because you feel the shift in momentum that happens when so many people resolve for positive change at the same time. This incredible connection and group minded thought can be powerful and helpful when resolving to do something new.

I must confess that I’ve lived in both categories. This year I am going to resolve to stay resolved the entire year so that next year will not be a cleanup of the years past, but rather an addition to a highly passionate year that has just culminated. This, my faithful reader is my “new perspective”.

There is more significance to this New Year because it also is a new decade. It is also the first new decade of the 2000’s that no one, well at least no one sane, is stocking up on water and sandbags to prepare for Y2K.

Since we’re not scrambling at the fear that the sky is falling we can welcome this new decade with a bit of gusto. We’ve survived a seriously depressing economy despite the various titles the economists of the world have dubbed the post G. dub era as.

What should we expect?

In the long lived words of one of Bruce Lee’s masters, “You must empty your cup.” In-other-words you need to leave expectations out of this new decade. Despite what your horoscope may say about this year to come there is no way to predict the future. Your expectations will destroy your resolutions simply by undermining their purpose.

Let’s be honest. You don’t want to lose weight for the month of Jan and Feb. What you really want is a life change that has lasting power. If we create these expectations and focus on those, we lose sight of the passion that has inspired us for these changes.

It is time for a shift in the paradigm of life as we know it.


My shift is as follows…

I am in process of creating my newest business. Yes I know I am a glutton for punishment. The truth is when I started my career in real estate it was not what I set out for exactly. I was writing a business plan for a youth hostel in Chicago. I thought about what kind of community I was looking to be a part of and the idea of energetic travelers that are in search of adventure and exploring life would be perfect.

On a tangent I began with real estate development. When the opportunity presented itself I couldn’t pass it up. I had seen it as a way to my dream. The cold reality of what it actually is quickly made itself clear. I was on the fence of staying in until through the help of a friend I discovered sustainability.

I found a calling. We’ve made an impact, but I learned after this past year has culminated that I am not exactly on target. I will continue my life of sustainability, and help my wife blossom as the new owner of Om Realty Group, and my best friend and business partner takeover Om Homes.

I am now passionately pursing my desire for community once again. The bloggers’ post is that new community. It’s called “the bloggers’ post” because the “blogger” is a personality type representing a voice in a community, the post represents a physical location, and can best be described as a group of like-minded, positive, creative people that unselfishly collaborate, add value, and teach each other.

Entrepreneurs, bloggers, people starting over, web workers, etc… will have a place to go to learn, collaborate, work, and be in an actual community. It is a member driven business that we hope to have a physical location for by Fall of 2010.

This is the new opportunity. It represents a dream for me that I am going to seek out in this new decade. It is a way to be not a thing to do.

I hope for you that you can transition into this new era of our lives in a healthy and loving way. I wish for all of your dreams to come true.

Marty Bhatia

Dec 31st 2009

  1. Marty- it’s great to see you energized again for a new year. I am completely behind you with the idea of the Bloggers Post and I am sure it will be the community you’ve been searching for…I think it already is. You’re right, by the way, I think people truly want a “paradigm shift”, not just a new year’s resolution. So, I’m ready for mine, and I know you’re ready for yours. Let’s take it all on this year!

  2. This is great! You are off to a great start, and you are headed in the right direction. I am all to familiar with “empty your cup”. I think it’s the only way that you can respect learning something new. One reason I know that often comes up is Martial Art instructors and their adult students. Adult students are difficult, at least a majority are. Adult students ask a lot of questions and constantly challenge the instructor about what they think is best. Often it’s because they may have other experiences from martial arts. The truth is, if your learning something new, show some respect, and listen to your instructor…..empty your cup.

    Now for new year resolutions. I have not done one in a very long time. Perhaps it’s fear of failure or just laziness. I don’t have any motivation to change. That’s just me being honest. I prefer to adapt as I need. A beautiful intelligent female would likely motivate me. Ladies, do you feel like doing some charity work?

    Marty good luck, and I’m here to help.

    Happy New Year!

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