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Searching For a Blog Topic

In blogging, Main Blog on January 7, 2010 at 11:11 am

Recently I’ve been recommending a blog as a great form of expression for some of those not so tech savvy friends and family of mine that are desperately searching for what to do with their life. I of course feel that the internet is a great place to start when you need a bit of inspiration.

I didn’t realize just how un-tech savvy some of my family and friends are. I tried to explain what a blog is, and after failing several times I have just started to tell people to watch the new Julia Childs movie “Julia and Julie”. It did a great job of introducing the simplicity of blogging to the deathly afraid masses who feel you need to have a post graduate degree in computing to type. It was a great movie, as I too love to cook and blog. .

Since then I’ve gone super cliché and told my entourage of techtards (my word) that “a journey of 1000 impressions begins with a single blog entry. I know, it’s terrible of me to think of people this way, but oh how easy it really is to just get started. The fear is so debilitating to people.

The number one fear I come across is the one that starts with, “what am I going to write about?” Then the conversation continues on about how nobody will read it. My retort is becoming robotic; “I would read it, and doesn’t that count?”

In their defense the search for a blog topic can be overwhelming. My method is simply to open up word, grab a pen and paper, or some sort of recording device and spew meaningless crap until one of the meaningless crappy ideas seems reasonably entertaining or inspiring enough for me to spend some time blabbing about.

If any of my audience is actually reading this, please send your methods so that my techtard friends can find their muse, and perhaps even me the wannabe tech savvy blogger could use the advice.

Enjoy Life,

Marty Bhatia

  1. I agree Marty, just write. I think at times that blogging is as simple as a rant. For example, I can’t believe that douche bag just cut me off. Days like this I wish I had my baseball bat. I’m gonna smash his f******* face in. I’m gonna kill that mutha f*******!

    Gooz Frabba……Gooz Frabba……..

    Whew, sorry, I guess I got carried away. Most of you reading this know me personally, and this should not surprise you in any way. There I said it.

  2. Not surprised one bit, Billy! How I miss your spontaneous, madcap sense of humor even in moments of anger! Marty is right about just writing/blogging. Sometimes stream of consciousness is the best source for creativity!

  3. I think I just posted my first blog called “baby steps”. I don’t see the comment I made a day or so ago here.
    My head is starting to hurt, too much thinking, Ouch! I HATE when I have to THINK!

    Love, Mommy

    PS(is it wise to sign my real name to whatever I blog?)

    • I will check out your blog. Please don’t sign mommy. 🙂 I love you, and I am so happy you are starting to discover the wild world of blogging on the internet. I appreciate the support too. It is nice to see you embrace the inner geek of your son.

      As for you name, there are several thoughts on this question. It depends on what your intention is. Personal branding is important on the web, but you can do that with a psuedonym or with a single name or screen name. I have personally branded my name for my other companies because I do a lot of speaking gigs. If you don’t plan on monitizing your blog, or if it is very personal you may want to be a little more vague on who you are.

  4. Marty, I really appreciate what you’ve created here. Your insights and advice have helped me be more creative about using my blog and other social networks. Looking forward to what else you have to say around here!

  5. Want to tell some stories, but am too busy with the stories that are now in the making! So very much to share, so little time.

    I do have very much to share, especially lately. How life just never is dull for me is a blessing, indeed! Sometimes I get a bit tired of it all, but then I treasure the fact that there is always some sort of challenge before me. It might be a total headache, it might be a misunderstanding, it might be a heartache from the loss of someone or something, it might be there is more need of me than I can provide in some way for something or some purpose! But this accounts for much motivation. All bad things happen for a good reason!

    If anyone cares to know, I am Alice Mrugala

  6. Hi Marty, I just want to share that you are an amazing writer!! You’re thoughtful and inspirational! I think that it is great to put your thoughts on paper (in this case a blog), but by sharing with others, I believe that we are more alike than different.

    Keep up the great work!! I hope that I can have more time to response to the blogs, I’ve enjoyed reading them.
    Maria V

    • Thank you so much for saying so. I am trying really hard to not be that D student in English class that I once was. It means a lot to me that you have visited the blog, and commented. It feels good to put down a guard and just have fun sharing.

      I hope to see you back, and look for the new site soon. I’ll be doing a launch party for when I get the new site complete. I’m working with some friends on some other projects too.

      Thanks for being part of my community,


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