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Avatar 3D at IMAX

In Uncategorized on January 11, 2010 at 7:23 pm
the many stages of fun

Some of my favorite people

This Sunday we went to the latest show for Avatar at the IMAX on Navy Pier in Chicago. A couple of things you should know to start off are simple; Navy Pier is empty in the winter late on a Sunday so go on time to the movie but not too much earlier, and the seats are really close together so do some yoga before you go. I was in pain when I left (knees).

The movie was amazing just like the first time I saw it, but unlike a lot of other people I thought the movie was better in a smaller theater. It was amazing how crappy the glasses were, but I still had fun. My friends and I watch a lot of movies since we canceled cable in the house so I thought I’d blog about something fun.

Avatar is one of the best movies I’ve every seen despite some of the seriously right wing b.s. you may have heard about. Hands down go see this movie.

  1. Yup- I completely agree! And, can I say how much I like that photo?!?!? We all really like popcorn:)

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