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I’m Cheating on my PC with a MAC

In Main Blog on January 16, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Macbook with roses on keyboardWhat the transition is like

Have you been convinced by the new Mac vs. PC ads that you are hip and no longer the geek that needs your ailing PC? Well I have been the most resistant. While I like Jason Long, I just didn’t want to learn a whole new platform at this stage of the game. I’ve been so resistant to using a Mac that I’ve made my argument to all my friends and family countless times. Now that I’ve been using Mac for video editing, etc… I feel like I’m cheating on my PC with a Mac. .

Learning curve on new platform

Ok, so the real fear I was feeling was the dread of a brand new learning curve after I have vested so much of my life into a PC. I know how the PC works, the file structures, the programs, and as attractive as the Mac looks I really don’t want to spend hours feeling like I’m learning to type all over again. This was the very first thing I had to get over as I snuck around behind my PC’s back.

The reality is that Mac is easy to use once you know how the buttons work. My suggestion(after many hours of trying to boost my learning curve by frantically trying to pretend I knew what I was doing) is to simply start with navigation. Learning some of the basics like opening and closing programs, the file structure, copy/paste, and keyboard commands can help you quickly enjoy the Mac.

The fact is that the Mac is very intuitive with similar commands to the PC where in the apple key replaces the CTRL key on the PC. The first few hours on a Mac should be playful i.e. Itunes, Imovie (video), and don’t forget the browser. When I transitioned I started using a browser like Chrome on PC first, and then used Chrome on the Mac so at least the basic environment was similar.

Productivity vs. design

I do want to stress that I have not given up my PC, but rather branched out to both computers. I know that many of you reading this right now can’t fathom having to deal with two computers, but the reality is that each has their strength and weakness. Why not divide your work flow for ease of life?

Let me say “I love” editing video on Mac. There I said it, I love something about Mac. I’ve tried Pinnacle Ultimate Studio 12 on PC and IMovie, Screenflow, and Final Cut Studio Express on Mac, and the truth is that Mac kicks PC’s ass hands down.

Pinnacle used so many resources that it required an upgrade to my video card, more RAM, and a PC that doesn’t have 50 million processes running in the background (not an easy task). The Mac simply turned on and I was working within 15 mins. It even turned out that Pinnacle didn’t support the video type that my FlipCam outputs, and when I entered a chat with the Pinnacle rep he basically told me I was shit out of luck.
All in all for productivity the PC is where it is at. Mac just doesn’t run Office as well, and I hate switching between operating systems on the same computer. Therefore my PC will forever run all my office applications.

My suggestion

Now that my secret is out my suggestion is simple don’t scrap your PC, but get yourself a Mac. Divide and conquer for your activities. I have realized a reduced workload of programs on my PC keeps it running relatively fast, and the Mac just does multimedia like a champion.

I’ll be enjoying my new love affair with my Mac, and at the same time devoting some serious quality time with my PC.
P.S. A note about Final Cut Studio Express…it is a very serious power tool for video. Before you spend the money go to http://www.apple.com, search for the 1300 page manual and start reading.

  1. Wow…love affair with a Mac…should I be jealous?

    I do have to admit that as resistant as I’ve been to Mac’s, I’m also starting to really enjoy their video and media functions. Who knows, maybe your Mac is going to start having an affair with me soon:)

  2. The mac is definetly a learning curve from PC, however it is a new era of technology which is most viewed by others. When you own a apple product such as their laptops it resembles professionalism. 🙂

    Personally I like the MacOSX setup, but my own downfall would be leaving my expensive programs behind such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FL Studio, and others.

    Thanks for your comment by the way!

    • Thanks for checking out the blog. The mac laptop does add a bit of professionalism especially if you have a web based business or service. The problem with abandoning software is also why I am not leaving the PC entirely. I am training myself to use a scratch disk, and using better file structures so I can just pull from a mobile hard drive.

      It was easy to leave a comment, it was good!


  3. Yea im too poor to afford a mac just building my Pc into a beast bit by bit until i start raking money ill buy a mac 4 picture/video editing since its a passion of mine.

    • I am total agreement. I have been moving more things into the cloud. I’m using Gmail instead of Outlook as I’ve learned how much of a memory hog Outlook is. I think being frugal is forcing me to get efficient with what I have now. But, I still find myself drooling over the new Macbook Pros.

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