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I Digg Blogging About Twitter

In Uncategorized on February 4, 2010 at 10:11 pm

Let’s MeetUp at MySpace for a Facebook to Facebook

Does your head spin sometimes when you use, think about using, or hear about someone using social media? As I help people approach the subject of social media I have discovered just how much it can make people’s heads spin. I’ve heard all sorts of things from just the basic what the hell is a “__________” (fill in something you know nothing about here), to more advanced things like scheduling their messages for efficiency sake.

What I’ve learned is that everyone starts off fearing that they will alienate all of their audience with their first tweet. The irony is that they have no one listening. It is also clear that we’ve been trained as a general population to not click on anything we don’t understand for fear of all sorts of crashes and viruses. The fact is that it is highly unlikely that you will pick up a strange twitter disease (STD).

I also understand that there is no clear starting place. With apps popping up at the speed of thought it is really hard to just start. Many of you have received an email from me with a signature that states that, “a journey of 1000 impressions begins with a single post.” In-other-words you have to start somewhere if you really want to be part of the conversation.

Follow Me! And Build an Audience

First of all being followed is not how it may sound. Things have changed, and being followed is just building an audience. Now imagine how important it is to have an audience if you are intending on saying something. The audience is often called “critical mass”, or a building “traction.” Essentially these two pieces of jargon simply mean get some people to listen and then have them take some action.

You may have noticed my title and heading. It contains a lot of searchable words. My title is an exaggeration to prove a point. These are commonly searched words that may attract more clicks to the blog through searches on Google over time.

This applies for your tweets, status updates, blog entries, as all of these things are searched for by people through searching sites like http://search.twitter.com which allow people to narrow a search down to key phrases and within a specific city. If you think about that, using words that are more search friendly in your tweets will create a better chance of being followed by somebody who really wants your content.


I started a sustainable real estate brokerage that my wife Megan now owns called Om Realty Group. Naturally our twitter name is OmRealtyGroup, and there is a blog located at www.OmRealtyGroup.Wordpress.com, and you guessed it a website at www.OmRealtyGroup.com.

We clearly want an audience of sustainable companies and people interested in sustainability to find us (amongst other types of audiences like sellers, etc…). What we should tweet should have words like “green”, “sustainability”, “energy efficiency”, and anything else that is very clear in what the content is about.

For every audience out on the web there is a set of keywords that resonates with them. So think about your audience for a minute, and then write down keywords. Use them in your tweet posts, status updates, and blog entities even if you don’t have an audience. If you tweet it, they will come.


If you are adding social media to your already existing business, these social media links to the site, the keywords you use, and the people searching for you, all adds up to better rankings on search engines which, is ultimately how you increase your sales or brand recognition.

If you are starting off on your blogging career/hobby, don’t worry about finding your audience. Instead stick you attention to the content and your voice. Title it well, and send it through your matching social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

You will be found. I promise. This works by sheer randomness. When you are done with that, let me know. We’ll talk about how to search for other people like you, and that is when it gets even more real for you. Imagine having a whole bunch of people that are talking about what you are talking about. You’ll not only be totally entertained, you’ll also be picking up great ideas, styles, and connections all along.

And, guess what?

They’ll want to hear what you have to say too.



  1. Nice, clear explanation. Thanks!

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