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A Confession of a Blogger

In blogging on February 10, 2010 at 4:59 pm

Getting Paralyzed by Positive Comments

I have a confession. I have recently been so passionate about blogging, and connecting in these new communities that I have been requesting lots of feedback. And, lots of feedback is exactly what I got. The good news is that most of it was positive, helpful, and caring. The bad news is that all this feedback has left me paralyzed.

I realized that I was stuck while trying to write the last 3 blog posts. This may sound stupid to most, but now I am paralyzed because of the positive feedback. Nothing is good enough. I keep starting over. I don’t want to let anyone down, or lose momentum because my blog writing skills have actually started to regress.

I thought by blogging about this fear I may overcome my fear, and hope that my readers understand. Some blogs may suck, and I just have to get over that. Besides, if I were this “always producing great material” type of writer, I would be negotiating book deals instead of blogging about being stuck. To be honest I don’t think everything written by even my favorite authors is always great. They must have poorly written things out there too. Don’t you think?

What’s Next?

I’ve learned a lot about myself through blogging, and I get asked a lot, “what is the theme of the blog?” I think that I may have actually stumbled upon it through this introspective post. The theme is simply authenticity.

I know that might sound vague, but at this point I know a couple of things about what I am writing about. They are, in no particular order, that I love to write about things that help people, that it has to be something that I’ve had some experience with, and that I will always try to bring you my readers to a better understanding of all sorts of good things out there.

Here’s what I am going to promise to you my reader:

  1. I will always be authentic about what I write.
  2. I will always listen to your comments and feedback.
  3. I will continue to bring you content that I think is going to help you.

I can’t promise you are going to love everything. It’s impossible since I can’t control your perspective on things. It’s a shame that I can’t though, because then I would never be stuck, and you guys would always think I was a rock star.

This Week

This week I will bring you a couple more blog posts, make some updates to my new site so that I can really launch it by the end of the month, and perhaps if I am feeling really confident I’ll try my hand at a newer and improved video blog.

This blog is a journey for me. It’s the first step to the dream that I have of starting the physical location that will be “the bloggers’ post”. If you are interested in seeing how I do, I really suggest you check back often. I hope to open the location this fall.

For the first time in my life I am making plans, but at the same time allowing things to evolve. So if you stick with me for the duration you may see an authentic helpful blogger turn his simple dream of a co-working community space use for collaboration and powerful creation come to fruition.

Enjoy Life,


  1. I think our favorite authors have written a ton of bad things. It’s just that the way the publishing world works is a lot different than the blogging world. You could easily only publish your absolute best work, but it might be only once or twice a month. But its natural to get a thrill out of “publishing” blog posts and most bloggers have very little to lose, compared to professional writers. I like that your theme is “authenticity”…a lot better than if it was fraudulent!

  2. I´m barely back to Brazil and the first time I turn on the TV I hear the following news: “Brazilian Congress wants to approve a series of laws to close down companies involved in corruption”. I mean, that has got to be a joke! I say let´s do it, and what about starting by the most corrupt institution in this country: The Congress.
    I feel a tip of apologizing in this post Marty. But seriously, don´t apologize (as you have said to me a couple of times this last month) for being honest about something. Honesty and authenticity are some of the things the world need the most. And I know these are your third and fourth last names!

  3. Oops.. second and third last names LOL

    • Hey Renan,

      We miss ya already man. I hope your stay with us in Chicago was as as fun, as it was to have you as a guest. Thanks for visiting my blog. Maybe you can make me popular in Brazil.

      I’m sure I’ll see you down there. I am focused and ready to make that happen.



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