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To My Beautiful Wife

In Uncategorized on February 14, 2010 at 12:28 pm
a beautiful woman


Screaming from the Rooftops…or Laptops (Close Enough)

Is a blog an appropriate place to declare your love? Probably not, unless of course your wife is one of your subscribers, and may be checking email to find this subtle blog post from her husband that declares, to the part of the world reading, that she is absolutely adored by her husband. Then, perhaps, it would bring a smile to her face. I think that might be an appropriate use of a few kilobytes of space on the Internet.

I’ve been married for about 5 ½ years now, and like any couple life has its ebbs and flows. I’ve realized that this journey that we are on is just more fun when you have someone you really love being with. It sucks sometimes as I don’t get to play Xbox as often as I like, and after years of getting to know one another there are no more places to hide. I’m totally vulnerable to my lovely wife, which is actually an amazing thing if you think about.

Here’s What I’ve Learned From You Megan

  • Diplomacy: You taught me how to be nice even when I want to make someone aware that someone (me) in the room thinks they are a jackass.
  • Patience: Your lack of patience has actually had an odd affect on me by being more patient. I spend a lot of time waiting for you to be patient.
  • Elegance: You’ve always mesmerized me with how simply elegant and sweet you are. You have made me want to improve myself just so that I can hang with you.
  • Cuddling: I’ve learned that a properly timed cuddle can buy me a few hours of Xbox.
  • Travel: You’ve inspired me to travel the world when I was young, and you make me look forward to doing it with you as we get older.
  • Spirit: This may be the most important one. When life got really dark, you were the light, the hope, and the guidance for my spirit to survive and make it through. Thank you.

Although there are many more lessons I learned from Megan I’m going to let my readers off the hook with a couple of closing sentences.

If you have the opportunity to take a minute to tell anyone you care about just how much you love them, please do so with so much authenticity that you benefit personally from doing so. There is nothing more fulfilling that generously giving someone a perspective of themselves that they may not always see. We are in a world of assumptions, and self doubts, and even the most confident person in the world likes to be loved.

Oh, and Megan, dinner is at 8 p.m. when you get home. Have a great day at work.



  1. […] dog Roscoe used to chew up mine and my wife’s shoes, but mostly her shoes. Besides the countless tears my wife dispensed over her favorite black […]

  2. […] dog Roscoe used to chew up mine and my wife’s shoes, but mostly her shoes. Besides the countless tears my wife dispensed over her favorite black […]

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