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T.B.P. (the bloggers’ post) Sponsors a Meetup Group

In blogging on February 18, 2010 at 8:08 pm
the bloggers' post's new logo

What do you think?

And a New Logo Too!

Have you observed a group of people that you think you are like, and want to actually meet people in this community in person? If you answered yes, you’d be talking about www.Meetup.com. This is a brilliant site in my opinion, it’s simply facilitating interactions with people you’re interested in hanging around with in a much likelier chance than sheer luck. I think the idea of the “meet up” could help the economy grow simply by connecting our disconnects in business. But, I get ahead of myself sometimes, and this blog post is about my Meetup group.

It’s called “Chicago Blogs”, and the process of putting this together was easy. It was the commitment I was making that was more interesting to me. I discovered that I was actually putting into action much of what I hope to achieve with all my blogs. If you are like me, and you’re thinking “what‘s this blog’s theme?”, or “where this blog site is going?”, then you would be discovering that my underlying theme is building community. And, while we are at it will make it a really authentic community.

The Plan

Step 1: Start a blog about anything.  Just be really really honest when you write, and make it about things you like to talk about. So in the very least I have tried something new.

Step 2: Get inspired.

Step 3: Learn as much as you can as fast as you can.

Step 4: Help as many people as you can for the sake of good karma, and maybe get paid for it.

Step 5: Use your strengths…connect people. (Meet up)

Step 6: Go back to Step 2

Step 7: To be determined

The Meetup

So my first meetup is going to be just about connecting some bloggers and talking about why we like doing it, and perhaps figuring out how to help each other get better at it. Once I see if people enjoy this concept I figure I’ll start very specific meetups for the group like a writing session, or a application lesson. Something that helps us keep focused on what we enjoy doing…blogging.

If you are interested in creating your own , simply go to www.meetup.com and click on start a meetup. There are a few things you should know before you start. The first part of which is that it costs nothing to go to, or signup for a meetup group, and the second thing you need to know is that if you want to host a meetup group it costs around $15 bucks a month to create.

I decided to spend the money as “the bloggers post” sponsoring the group, but I am hoping to find a real sponsor who would like some advertising within our group before too long. You should also really know why you are meeting up before you start. It’s easy to setup, but there are questions that you’ll want to think about before you commit. Not because you have to, but rather because you’ll really want to think about it. Give yourself a little more time, and you’ll be just fine.

I think more things in life can be discovered when you take on something new, and give yourself an appropriate amount of time to learn it. And, sometimes you have to just take a leap of faith and step into it.

Now, if you join the meetup, you could come see how I am doing. If you have a blog and you are near Chicago, of course I’d love to see you there. Otherwise I’ll report back on how it went, and have some advice for my readers as to what I learned, what I could improve, and what I’m scared as hell of.

Enjoy Life,


  1. I’m in baby!

  2. Hey there… very interesting experiment. I’m in LA right now working, but will return to Chicago in March. Hope to Meetup with you then!

  3. Hey man,

    I know this is a little late but I wanted to speak up, being a designer and all. I noticed that no one else commented on the new logo, so I don’t know what everyone is saying about it. To be 100% completely honest I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan. I love where your trying to go with it. I like the idea of combining the initial letters into one symbol, and as a stand alone glyph it’s pretty cool. However when you put it together with the text, I don’t really think it reads that well. Also the typeface choice it a little dated. Every time I see I think of an old cobbler’s shop form the early 1900’s. Here is a little branding advice if it’s not too forth coming.

    1. You are going to want something that reads well in several diverse formats (large and small, print and web). Right now it doesn’t read well small. Especially in you twitter avatar.

    2. Keep it simple. The idea of a logo is to say a lot with a little bit. It’s a difficult accomplishment, but when it’s done well it’s beautiful.

    3. You don’t have to have symbol. I think there is a common misconception about logo design. Too often we think that every brand HAS to have a icon or emblem associated with it. There are many great brands that use a simple typefaces and a great color scheme, and they are just as memorable.

    4. The best logos are the ones that have layers. Things you didn’t notice about them until a month later that revives your interest in them or gives them new meaning. This is a characteristic of a fantastic brand, and is something that every designer should strive to achieve.

    There is plenty more that goes into building a proper identity but hopefully this should help you out the next time you give it a go. I’m not sure if you created this logo yourself or if it was outsourced, but if you are ever interested in contracting it out, give me holler. Branding and Identity is my specialty. I would love to be a part of what you’re doing.

    Take care, keep posting.

    • Hi Christian,

      It’s never too late. I figured no one commented on the logo because it was basic and quick. If you could see my coffee table you’d see about a million renditions from funky busy designs, to simple script. By nature I am a very spacial person, but need to check with my wife every morning to make sure I am dressed ok. My color sense is I know what I like, but can’t pick it myself.

      My art skills are my weakness to my armor. I agree with everything you stated in your comment. I’m just at a point where if it ain’t free, I can’t do it. I am working on a new site for the blog that is self hosted, and much cleaner. Perhaps if I can properly monetize it, I could eventually afford a logo/identity.

      I appreciate the feedback as always. I know your site well. So when the time comes, and I am able to make that bold leap, I’ll get in touch for sure.

      Thanks again,


      • Marty,

        I totally understand the expenses and sacrifices of being and entrepreneur. I’m also relived that I wasn’t being inappropriate by sharing my two cents. I’m in the same boat, “if it ain’t free then I can’t do it”. It’s hard making something from nothing, but great business people do it everyday, and I think it happens with chance occurrences like this one. If you’re interested I would love to design you a pro bono logo/identity. Perhaps in return you could give my business a promo plug or two on your blog. I could use the advertising and you deserve a good looking brand. What do you say?

        If you’re interested shoot me an email @ christianjackson@squareinchdesign.com. I think this could be a great opportunity for the both of us.

        Take care,


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