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Follow Friday (#FF) on Twitter

In blogging, social media on February 26, 2010 at 4:01 pm

Twitter Followers Lining up For Follow Friday

What the “Hashtag” (#) is this all about?

Do you use Twitter and see the #__________ (fill in the blank) all over the place and wonder , is that even useful? The short answer is sometimes. To get an idea of just how much there is to know about click this Hashtags. The signifigance of the #ff is that it is about people promoting other people on Twitter. The best part about it is that it is actually useful.

I have been working hard at “mastering” my use of Twitter. I’ve been figuring out different ways to follow, manage following/unfollowing, using my phone, and other twitter applications, but I’ve also been learning the art of engaging other people. The fact is that there is an active community on Twitter that is on Twitter to really share and connect. There are others just pouring in information, and many more just lurking trying to figure it all out.

The #FF is a great way to find active engaged communities on Twitter. I look forward to Friday for so many reasons, and now follow Friday is a new reason. I have found so many great people, with cool blogs, strong networks, and great businesses that are local, and this promotion also builds a bit of karma.

How often in our real lives (not Twitter lives) do we really give someone an appropriate call to attention? Do you ever walk into a work and say, “Hey I just like to mention Jerry over there is doing a great job, and you all should pay more attention to him.”, or something like that? I doubt it.

How I like to Use Follow Friday

First of all, I like to thank those that took some time out of there day to recognize me and promote me. So I start off by making sure I mention them or thank them with a “#ff”. I think that this is just good karma, and a really nice thing to do. Then I like to take a look at who I’ve been following lately that I’ve seen post great content , engaging with others, or who I’ve found through blogs I’ve read.

I also like to use follow Friday to let people that I follow know I am paying attention, and that perhaps I may be worthy of following back as I am one of those engaged active people. There could be a question of shamelessly asking for attention. But, I think that in the million bits of information bombarding us every second it is hard to find good connections, and if you are active, what is the harm of saying so? Aren’t we on Twitter to build network, talk to our community, and share with our marketplace?

Lastly take some time and search the #FF’s to find more people worth following. The beauty is that the person calling out the other people on their tweet is likely to be similar or have some overlap with the people they are mentioning. It’s easy to find one interesting person, and as a result of their mentions , find a few more.

The Moral of the Story

No matter what your Friday ritual is, or no matter what medium you use to communicate including but not limited to your mouth, you should think about drawing some attention to someone who is working hard on something important to them.

Word of mouth is the most powerful tool on the planet especially considering that it is how we as humans started to keep historic data about life. Use this powerful attention drawing concept for someone you care about in life. If someone at work is doing an incredible job at something (even if it is simply keeping a single process going), let everyone else know that that person rocks. It feels good for everyone.

Enjoy Life,


  1. That’s funny. I was wondering what did #ff mean this very afternoon. Thanks for answering!

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